Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Say Carnival and the elegance of Venice or the fleshy temptations of Rio float into mind but here on the Cote d'Azur we too have our version of Carnival, a boisterously colourful affair that involves thousands of flowers, loud music, dancing and hugely high spirits. I was in the city centre yesterday and the streets were packed with holiday makers and school children all set on having a good time.
People complain about the money it costs and, no, it doesn't pay its way and then there's the extra traffic etc etc but I'm all in favour of anything that lifts my spirits and brings smiles to every one's faces. Life's too short to be a grown up!
The shop windows are brightly decorated for the occasion. This one's a chocolatier and confiseur, full of bon bons and hand made chocolates grouped round this Venetian mask. Isn't it sumptuous?

The local schools usually celebrate Carnival on the Friday before the February holidays and the children are allowed to dress up, eat sweets and dance. Parents are allowed in if they're prepared to dress up too..
This is an old photo of my son dressed up for carnival. I've included it because he celebrated his 18th birthday last weekend and is now legally an adult which explains all the agonies of nostalgia I've been going through this week...

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sarala said...

So was he Arlequin? I love the old French comic Farces.
Thanks for visiting.
In answer to your questions.
The smells are sandwiches.
In terms of the photo a day--I'm not sure about the commitment. Does one just post daily or need to take a photo every day?

Z said...

Here in Switzerland, they have their own flavor of Carnival and it varies within the country. Last Sunday a town near us had their Fasnacht parade and that was free, though they did appreciate a small "donation". It was the first such parade I went specifically to see, and it was nice. As you say, everyone was in a good mood and having fun. Anyway, I'm blogging about it so if you'd like, stop by sometime.

Loui said...

How wondeful!! Whenever we have been down in the South we have always made time to go to carnivals. They are just wonderful and worth facing all that traffic for. Then again, there is always lots of traffic in the South. My longest journey was what should have been a 30 minute drive from St Raphael to Gassin. It took 5 hours. Eeek!!

J x

Gigi said...

It's the pancakes I like...yum yum...I asked my younger daughter to make some this afternoon - she's the expert in this house. I had lemon and sugar on mine.

My eldest daughter turned 18 on Boxing Day. Angela - they're still our babies...but just try telling them that!

Open Grove Claudia said...

I've always wanted to be in Venice for the festival of the masks. What a beautiful picture of a mask - thanks for sharing!

What did you do to celebrate this carnival?? Anything decandent?

Zsolt72 said...

I love masks like this. At home I have one from Venice with that long nose:)

cityfarmer said...

looks like too much fun for me(not)

Mountain Dweller said...

It sounds like great fun. I've always wandered whether the carnival was worth going to. Now I know!

Tinsie said...

I love Carnival. I grew up in Greece, where it lasts 3 weeks and is a really big affair - lots of partying, balles masqués, school fetes, the works. I really miss it now that I'm in England.
I love the photo of the mask and bon bons, so beautiful!