Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Something To Think about.

The same friend who passed the piece about English killing you sent me this little number:

What Would Have Happened if The Three Wise Men Had Been Three Wise Women?

  • They would have asked the way.
  • They would have arrived on time.
  • They would have helped at the birth.
  • They would have cleaned up the stable.
  • They would have given something useful
  • and brought something to eat.

And What Would They Have Said Immediately After Leaving:

  • Did you see those sandals Mary was wearing and, my dear, that tunic?
  • The baby doesn't look at all like his father.
  • I heard Joseph's unemployed.
  • I don't know how they could live like that, what with all those animals in the house. Hardly a sanitary place to bring up a baby.
  • And the mule's seen better days.
  • I wonder if they'll remember to give back the lasagne dish...

Tell me, are we really like that?

I'm hitting the pause button for about a week. We're starting building work here and I think we'll progress quicker if all my brain's engaged instead of just a handful of cells (because the rest are all employed framing a new post).

I will still be visiting and commenting, though, I simply won't have time to write.

Love to you all...


tut-tut said...

Good luck on your building. We're starting to think about remodeling two bathrooms; cha-ching!

Astrid said...

Good luck with the works Angela!

We are planning on the works to come when we move into the new house march. What a mess it wil all be for a while...

Open Grove Claudia said...

Good luck with work! We'll miss you.

I'm not sure if we are really like that or it's a convenient steriotype. But I think that about chick-lit as well. I am frequently thinking - what kind of shoes? what?

Shaz said...

Happy Building, Ang.
Some women are scarily like that but I hope the minority not the rest of us.

Alexandra G said...

Hopefully doing that kind of work there is easier than here! My old friend used to say that she thinks all male contractors have "mother issues!"

tut-tut said...

I know you said you're concentrating on your project, but I tagged you anyway. I hope this link works.

Anonymous said...

I came to your blog from tut-tut`s blog and I can tell you, that we are living just now in a mess because of bath room`s repairs, which started yesterday :)
Much patience for your building!

cityfarmer said...


sarala said...

Hope the construction turns out well. Did your blog change its look or is it just my browser?

Dsole said...

That thing you wrote was really funny!!! maybe that 3 wise women were something like Sex and the city ones, just remember me of them ;)
Well, hope you came back soon and write more interesting things, by the way i'll improve my english with yopur texts... :)
greetings from Madrid, Angela