Saturday, January 20, 2007

6 Weird Things About Me..

I've been tagged by Tut Tut and I was tempted. I simply cannot resist tag games.

  1. I read good novels through once very quickly so that I'll know what happens then ill go straight back and read it again so I can appreciate the writing.
  2. I'm the musical equivalent of colour blind. It's rare for me to enjoy music though i wish i could.
  3. Tigers are the most beautiful animals alive and I have nightmares about meeting the flesh. Like they're so common here on the Cote d'Azur.
  4. I always save a choice morsel of the tastiest part of a meal to finish with.
  5. I'm just a bit scared of the dark. Since my children were babies we've left a light burning at night and we still do even though they're grown. We pretend it's on in case anyone gets up but we all know it's really for me.
  6. It only recently occurred to me that I could leave the cinema if I wasn't enjoying the film. It was kind of..liberating.

Who will I tag? Let's try Claudia, Gigi, Astrid and Shaz.

My thanks for all your good wishes and encouragement during the building project. We're actually just closing in a covered terrace to make a bedroom for our studio where Daughter's living. It shouldn't be too difficult so we're doing it ourselves. Can I hear you laughing out there?


tut-tut said...

YES! leave that movie (and dare you ask for you money back?)

sarala said...

I have bear nightmares. I'm more likely to meet one than you are to meet a wild tiger but only slightly. I think as a kid I read to many Reader's Digest stories of people who were mauled by bears.

Gigi said...

OK - well, I've listed my six over on my blog...:-)

Shaz said...

Okay I so need to think about this
and ask around this coud be interesting. Thanks ang!!!
How did the building go?

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

Fun learning more about you! Good luck finishing up the building project (you brave souls!)
Much peace & love, JP

Open Grove Claudia said...

Okey dokey - I finished the tag sweetie. Good luck with the project. I can't imagine starting something like that without four Home Depots within a ten mile radius.