Thursday, November 30, 2006

National Blog Posting Month.

"And now, the end is near;
And so I face the final curtain"

The end of the National Blog Posting Month is almost nigh and frankly my dears, I'm delighted; the last week has been a nightmare of stress and recrimination leading almost but not quite to the divorce courts.
Consider this: in October I mentally committed myself to writing a post a day through the month of November. Many people live the sort of lives where there's enough material to post three times a day so the whole challenge appeared almost ridiculously easy, a photo, a joke, an anecdote...all would be grist to my blog mill.
I already had some ideas tucked away in Word, files full of photos on the computer and stacks of albums downstairs if I ran short. I have shelves of folders bulging with recipes and know more village gossip than I should. (Me speaking French with a foreign accent doesn't mean I don't understand what you're saying!).
So I was poised for success, in with a stab at winning a shiny, brand new customised template; this was going to be my moment of glory...
When my son broke a vertebra...I blogged on.
Sitting in the hospital every day for 4 hours...blogging was light relief
Missing a reunion with a brother I haven't seen for years...the blog was solace.
Actually the daily post became a crutch, something to look forward to as H. and I changed shifts and barked instructions to each other over our mobile phones.
And when I started this I had no intention of sharing all that but please be assured that Son was in pain and uncomfortable but never in any danger. I would not ever take that lightly....
And in the middle of all that I switched to Beta.... and blogged on..
And what defeated me? Bloody technology! In the first instance two and a half days without a connection and then when I attempted catching up yesterday another half day sans internet. At the mere mention of posting, the computer would lie down and whimper.
And I truly am convinced H. will divorce me if I mention NaBloPoMo again..
Congratulations to all who finished.

And, please could someone tell me why, without me doing anything at all, the font or its size has changed again?


Shaz said...

WOohh Ang, okay first so glad to hear all is well with your babe.
And dissapointed for your dramas with your blog, I was actually wondering what was going on when I was checking up on you. Anyway glad yer back and all is back on track, Prayers and blessings to you and your family.

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

Dear A,

Thank goodness that your marriage did indeed survive NaBloPoMo ... I for one could not bring myself to sign up, even though I nearly post on a daily basis (and, prior to medical issues usually posted twice a day!!)

However, I'm pleased that we've gotten a larger peek at your world and I hope that you keep moving forward with your blogging because you're a good writer & photographer and I do believe that you're just scratching the surface of what you can do! I for one want to see the next creative steps for Angela!

As far as the font & size ... well, I have refused to change to Beta Blogger, but I too have that problem and often have to repost a few times to get the formatting to behave. Frustrating!

Anyway, much peace & love to you my friend. hugs, JP

Astrid said...

Congratulations Angela! You made it, =) well done!

Jilly said...

Great posting today. One can feel all the energy in your writing. Well done on the month - it's all been fascinating. You know, they say it takes only 21 days to create a habit, so I bet you'll find it hard not to post now....ha-ha - well I hope you do. Great stuff, Angela.

love Jilly

tut-tut said...

here's something from the Blog a Day (fussy) that might interest you:

5. All disaster bloggers need to let me know if they don't have an asterisk by their blog name yet -- if you missed a day of blogging due to emergency, illness, airport fuckups, technical difficulties, or any other ruthless obstacle AND you posted about it, you are eligible for the special Disaster Blogger Prize, which is an item of your choice from the BloMe Cafepress store, to which I have recently added Beaver merch. (I can put a beaver or a gun on just about anything they offer, I just don't understand how to make the cafepress page reflect that.)
If you have any other questions or suggestions, just leave them in the comments (i.e., don't e-mail me) (that isn't to say NEVER e-mail me, I enjoy getting e-mail, even the non-grovelly sort) so that everyone can benefit from me answering it there. I will go ahead and allow anonymous comments for the time being so that no one will be shut out.

claudia said...

You've done fabulous job! Really. It's not your fault the technology failed you.... You rock!


Barbee' said...

Hi, I enjoy your blog very much. Been here before.

The text problem is not with your blog alone. Mine did the same thing and I really am disappointed in its appearance. I sent a message to Blogger and complained. I wish everyone would do that so it would be near the top of their list of problems to work on. If you want to do that here is the link to their form where you can send them a message about a problem you’ve found with the Beta version:

Also, the 'Preview' function of the comments is not working on your blog. Wonder if they are all doing that. Let them know about that, too, if you write to them.

Good luck with yours; I hope it straightens out soon. If not, let them know.

blueVicar said...

It's a mixed bag of fun, isn't it, this world of blogging? But you are doing well...seeing the world as interesting to note and writing about's the best.

Meilleurs voeux!!

P.S. Your preview button worked for me in Safari...