Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Sunday Coffee 4...Tourrettes sur Loup

Writing this blog has been good for me in all sorts of unexpected ways one of which is that instead of frittering away our Sundays we go out together and explore and because there's all sorts of interesting places on our doorstep that we haven't yet seen we don't even need to travel far.
Take Tourrettes sur Loup for example. In all the times I've driven through I've never taken five minutes to stop and have a look.

If Tourrette's your favourite Provencal town you may want to stop reading here.

I didn't take to it which may have been because of the weather, of course: overcast though not cold. These towns are made for sunshine.

There was much to admire as we followed a signposted tour through lots of winding medieval streets past picturesque buildings, all lovingly restored, and everywhere was beautifully clean. There were young couples, old couples, families all following the same path as us and we all approved the restoration and the cleanliness and we all popped into the same art galleries...And oh my, so many of them...And stopped at the same view points but it was...Sterile, rather like a museum piece.

It's just come to me....It's a smaller, less crowded St Paul de Vence And the thing that bugged me most was that we couldn't find anywhere in the old part of town to sit outside and have coffee. This is probably why I'm feeling disgruntled.

I'm pleased to have seen it, though, and I'll go again in the Spring to see the violet festival when it's reputed to be at its best. I like to be fair.


Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

Lovely pics Amber, even if not yet a favourite destination.

b/sistersshoes said...

So lovely
Beautiful pictures
A violet festival sounds fabulous!

Thank you for sharing :)

XO Darlene

meredith said...

In the same neighborhood, have you been to Gourdon? Coffee and good spice cake can be had outside there. I enjoy all your photos and stories from the A. M.

Colin said...

We called in on Tourettes a couple of year ago, Angela, following the "To Catch a Thief" trail. Yes, I know, corny isn't it. Def. a sign of SD. The villa that featured in the film just a bit further along. There are splendid view, of course, and here in Antibes I always like to spot T' and Gourdon when I'm up at the phare, just to make sure they haven't blown away in the night. I agree about the ambiance: T is lacking a certain jnsq.

Beck said...

I've never been anywhere. Nowhere at all. It might have seemed sterile to you, but it looks like heaven to me! Lucky you - and you write so beautifully about it, too.