Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Car Boot Sale Valbonne Style

It's actually called a "vide grenier" literally "empty your loft" but whatever you call it the idea's the same; selling all your clutter and buying someone else's. I love them.
Last year I had a really big clear out and so I sold and bought all Spring and Summer and ended up ahead financially though the 6am start on Sunday mornings wasn't too much fun.

This was the last one, last October, and it was the best. It was big and there was a great atmosphere and everyone was friendly. These things seem to generate tremendous good will...unless you look carefully at the top photo where a young woman in a blue cap is aiming a punch at the bald guy's head.

The reason I'm posting last year's photos is that the posters have gone up for this year's vide grenier and I am so, so tempted.

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