Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Best and Worst of Times.

I should have entitled this "Call Me Jonah Part 2" because my life has become so bizarre I don't recognise it as mine anymore.
I have been laid low by my allergy to pine pollen because I didn't buy the medicine in's a little bit like Christmas; it happens every year but I'm never prepared.
So this story is yet another illustration of the same theme..
My mother in law lost a filling from a tooth and because life's busy and there's never enough time and it wasn't hurting anyway; you know how it is..she didn't get round to having it fixed till the poison from the abscess migrated to her throat and she ended up in intensive care. (And that's why I haven't posted for awhile).

The moral of the story is that we must look after ourselves with the same care that we lavish on our partners, children, parents and friends. If it had been my child, for instance, who had the allergies we'd have been having treatment long before the pollen appeared.

And the second moral is that when life keeps kicking your feet out from beneath you: go out to lunch. That's what I did. And it was great.


MissKris said...

Maybe the 3rd try will be the charm! I got disconnected from the internet the first try, told my cookies blocked my second try. So..I'm holding my breath on THIS try, haha! Just wanted to thank you for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment at my site. I hope you'll stop by again! I enjoyed my visit here very much, too...I'm a fellow allergy-sufferer so I can sympathize!! Even tho I believe you're originally from the UK, I do have ties to both the UK and France...ancesters came over from Scotland and England - a relative was once the main organist at Westminster Abbey - and one of my great-grandfather's family came from Rouen. Small world, eh? Have a great weekend, Angela!

meredith said...

That's a smart reminder. I hope you are all feeling better. Where did you have lunch out, is that Juan Les Pins? I was in your neighborhood last weekend, not for very long, but I'll be back!

angela said...

Thanks, Misskris. I enjoyed your blog too.
Meredith. Not JLP, no. It's the port at St Laurent du Var, a restaurant right by the Holiday Inn near Cap 3000 called the Calypso. The food's good but the service..oh my word. Let's just say you don't go there unless you've time to spare...but the situation's worth it!

CJ said...

Why do we always have to learn (or not)the hard way? Like your MIL, I ignored a minor problem; just pushed it aside...too busy, and ended up needing hospitalization. Hope your allergies are soon better, lunch in such a lovely spot must help ;) Have a wonderful weekend

tut-tut said...

How is she now? An enforced leisurely lunch may have done the trick, unless you let the service get to you! I'll have to reassess my own dental issues.

Jackie said...

Poor you Angela...when things are tough something else always comes along to kick you again don't you find.
Hope everyone, including yourself, are well on the road to recovery now.

J x

Shaz said...

Wow sounds not so nicely eventful, I hope mum in law is now feeling better.

And yes ang the anons were my two friends they are so funny.

I also hope your feeling better allergies really suck.

Take care of you your right we dont do it often enough.

Z said...

Oh, what a few days (weeks?) you've had! I hope we'll be "seeing" more of you now.

Gigi said...

Oh dear - you have had it a bit rough just lately, haven't you? I'd wondered where you'd got to...I hope things are looking up now :-)

I'm terribly British about going to the doctor - even for my children. I usually wait three days until whatever it is has cleared up of its own accord - and I'll consult if it hasn't. I'm usually right except for the time my daughter slipped in the shower and hurt her ankle. I bandaged it up and told her not to make such a fuss - but took her to the doctor eventually because she kept complaining it hurt. It turned out she had a nasty sprain and needed crutches!

To this day, she won't let me forget it :-(

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

Oh dear Angela! That is a good moral to the story ... we tend to take care of ourselves far less than we take care of others. Wishing you lavish attention upon yourself (or at least a prepartory dose of allergy medications!) Much peace and love, JP

Kerry-Anne said...

Sorry to hear of all your troubles! I can sympathise re the allergies - suffering from autumn allergies right now myself, but I have my medicine. :-) At least you got to have lunch in what looks like an absolutely beautiful spot, so I suppose it's the cloud and silver lining thing. Hope your mom-in-law is better now too, and hope you've all learnt your lesson - take care of yourselves! :-D
P.S. Thanks for stopping by Cape Town DP the other day. It looks like your sky is much the same colour as ours right now.

Betty C. said...

What a bummer! Living in France has made me much less reluctant to go see a doctor. I just got through my daughter having an appendectomy and fortunately, we did make the decision to call a doctor and then go to the hospital, even though her symptoms seemed more like the stomach flu than anything. Take care!

sarala said...

I hope La Belle-Mere is getting better.
I can relate to the allergies.
We're spending a week in sunny climes and enjoying it greatly. It's not the Cote d'Azur but it'll do.

Open Grove Claudia said...

UGH! What is the medication? I'll FedEx it to you.

I think it's hard to take gentle care of ourselves. Modern life encourages the extreme diet, extreme make over, extreme life. Every person I know struggles with this and those who don't struggle tend to think too much about themselves.

I'm thinking of you Jonah.

Kari said...

Absolutely love the photos. Sorry I haven't been checking your blog recently. I've been sick and I will be catching up on all my blog reading in the near future. :-)

Tinsie said...

Wise words indeed, Angela. Fantastic photos too!