Monday, December 04, 2006

To Cannes...

I was about to start this with the remark that life is now back to normal as Boy Child starts back to school after his 3 week lay off but then I started musing over the definition of "normal." Who actually has a nicely predictable life and wouldn't you be bored if you did? It's the unpredictable that keeps me interested. Which translates as my parents in law have joined us for a 2 week stay. As they are the easiest people to get along with their presence in the house is a pleasure and as they've been coming twice a year at least since we arrived they know how my life works...chaotically.
As Friday dawned clear and bright I ran them down to Cannes as they wanted ozone and shops in that order.

Cannes was jumping with activity as usual. It's a very popular conference centre outside of the film festival time and you can see the delegates pouring out of the GMF(who're they?) conference down the famous red carpet.

Outside the Palais des Festivals are handprints of the beautiful and famous set in cement. I took a photo of the one my children used to insist on looking at every time we came to Cannes; I know its location so well I could find it in the dark.

I walked a little way along the Croissette taking in the shops and people watching. I love the front of Dolce and Gabbana and the reflection of the sea in its mirrored window, so sleek.
And if I'd had time I'd have lunched here at this beach restaurant simply to reward their marketing skills: towards the bottom it says "We speak French, Italian, English and football." Then underneath "Smile you're in Cannes"
And there in the distance is the Carlton where the stars stay during the festival.

My mother in law had hit the market with a vengeance; to say she loves a bargain is understating it and she stumbled across a stallfull of jackets, very reasonably priced she told me. As she was rifling through and remarking to my father in law about the quality of the synthetic fur so real looking, an American voice said quietly in English behind her: it's all from cats and dogs, you know.

Exit mother in law.


Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...'s all from cat and dogs, you know. Exit mother in law. Oh Angela, if the rest of the household wasn't sleeping when I read this, I would have let loose my suppressed laughter!! How wonderfully funny. I hope the visit with your in-laws brings much laughter and pleasure. And yes, you're right, what is normal after all?? And if we had it, wouldn't we be bored to tears? Big hugs across the seas from me to you! Much peace & love, JP

tut-tut said...

How many among us can say we " ran them down to Cannes"? How great to be in such close proximity. I envy you your wonderful relationship with your in-laws, too!

Thanks for linking; do you mean that my profile is unavailable? It shouldn't be, as it isn't when I look at it. Is this a Blogger (with a capital B) problem? I tried sending an e-mail to your e-mail, which I had somewhere in my gmail box, but it bounced back. We'll get this resolved, I'm sure . . .

Astrid said...

Lovely pictures Angela! And I hope the fur story is not true... It'll break my heart.

Tut-tut: your profile is not enabled for the public to see I think. You can easily fix it by going to the top of your "profile edit page".


Sarah said...

Britain is trying to get the EU to ban cat and dog fur imported from China. The animals are treated horribly, but people buy their fur so the trade continues.

Shaz said...

Angela I agree with Deb. I would have died if someone said that to me, so funny. I love my in-laws they are so precious to me. I am so glad you have that aswell it really makes our relationships a lot easier. They are great aswell pictures pretty cool stuff. You have read my blog lol I dont believe there is normal really, whats that? (smile)Have fun mate!!

Jilly said...

Great posting, as always, Angela and fabulous pics. Really tell the story.

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog and yes, it just doesn't work with uncastrated dogs - so sorry! even beautiful golden retrievers such as yours.

Jilly xxx

Open Grove Claudia said...

I love Cannes! Every winter in Venice Beach, CA, they come and take tons of sand and ship it to Cannes. It makes me laugh because you can walk on a little bit of Venice there.

Thanks for the pictures too. It's nice to see a bit of sun as it's so cold and snowy here right now.

meredith said...

I love Cannes, both my girls were born there at the CHU-Broussailles on top of the hill, which makes them official Cannoise.

cityfarmer said...

I just bought D and G glasses...they are lovely.

tut-tut said...


here is the only portal I know to my "fascinating" profile. Let me know if you can get in.

ColinB said...

Re GMF: the logo is the giveaway, Angela. There are three Picasso-esque faces, 2 dark, and one light. GMF is a insurance/finance company.

I'm always here whenever you need to consult on useless information.

PS Have you considered using the non-pop version for Comment entry (see recent comments on Sarah and now new girl Louise's blogs) ? Personally I find the standard (non pop up) to be a lot more user-friendly).

It can be changed in Settings (radio button)