Friday, December 15, 2006

Christmas Shopping.

I've never been quite so far behind with my Christmas shopping as I am this year so I took a little trip out on Monday to Biot to see if inspiration struck.
Biot is yet another beautiful, perched Provencal village and its speciality is glass. There are several verreries just outside the village but La Verrerie de Biot is perhaps the most popular.
If you're in the area it's well worth a visit because you can watch the glassmakers making the glassware. It's quite spectacular though you wonder how they cope in high summer handling molten glass in a room full of furnaces. It's pretty uncomfortable as a visitor but at least we're able to pop in and out. There was little work going on on Monday, though, as we arrived just before lunchtime and the artisans were off eating.
The gallery of Jean Claude Navarro, one of the better known artists, was open and the second and third photos show examples of his work.
I particularly like the teardrop shaped paperweight. The clean unfussy lines appeal to me. Too much detail stresses me. I love the colours of the vase in the third photo but couldn't live with it.
I felt like buying the teardrop glass or at least putting it on my wish list but I already have a paperweight collection that lives in a cupboard because of lack of space and this one wouldn't fit in as it's considerably bigger. Pity.

I moved into the shop area and the sight of all that china and glassware terrified me as I'm always sure that one day I'll upend a display.

The glass is hand made and is known for the tiny air bubbles incorporated during its manufacture which aren't really visible in the photos. I liked the champagne and glasses gift set though it was expensive and I couldn't think of anyone to give it to but it's nice to know it's there should I ever need to buy a magnificent present for someone.

I loved these fish bowls but again for myself.

Well, I came away empty handed though I'd spent a relaxing half an hour looking round at all the beautiful stuff but I'm still no nearer to finding presents. I guess there's always Amazon!

I hadn't realised that by clicking on the photos they're enlargeable. Duh!


meredith said...

I like the fish, for me, too :)

ColinB said...

Biot ? Christmas shopping expedition ?

Been there, done it etc.

Colin's blog

Hope the link works. Am a bit rusty in that department.

Speaking of clicking: you said somewhere, Angela, that you preferred the pop-up Comments box so folk could easily refer back to a post when composing. You don't need a pop-up box to do that. There's a toggle switch up the top for Hide and Show Comment.

JillyBennett said...

Angela - I didn't know you could click on the pics to make them bigger - duh to me too! At first I thought it was cos you are in Beta but I can do it on my blog. Brilliant. Fab glass. Someone gave me a very old Biot glass lampshade - sort of dull mustardy colour. Beautiful it is although it sounds weird.

Let's see if I can comment today!

JillyBennett said...

Success! However it is still using my full name and the name that brings up my profile is jilly - so duh to blogger at the moment.


claudia said...

I personally would like the village for Christmas - or maybe just the round building near the center of the picture.

Open Grove Claudia

tut-tut said...

How appropriate. I was just reading about Biot and the glass produced there. Thanks for the pix.

cityfarmer said...

I love the clicking part.

Pam said...

I'll take the fish bowl too!

Good luck on the shopping. Yikes, one week...

Open Grove Claudia said...

check it out... it's working.. hee... hee.

bcinfrance said...

Everybody is behind in Christmas shopping this year -- I just blogged about it myself! I think it is because the school holiday starts so late...

b/sistersshoes said...

"Your comment has been saved"

I am now saying, "Yeah" outloud everytime I read that!!! Blogger is up and running Yeah!

Beautiful pictures Angela ;-)

xox darlene

JanePoe said...

Wonderful photos Angela ... don't worry love, I've done most of my shopping on Amazon (godsend!) ...just sit and click away. Much peace and holiday cheer, JP