Tuesday, November 21, 2006

My Walk Through The Woods.

Photo 5.I've had three tries at organising these photos in a logical manner but Blogger won't play..

Two weeks ago I took my camera with me when I walked my dogs and these are the result. I always, always follow the same route at the same time because I know who the other owners and dogs are likely to be and can allow my two to walk off their leads without running into Rottweilers off their leads or uncontrollable Pitbulls. My vet calls this l'autoroute des chiens because so many dogs use it.
Photo 1.

The circuit's called Le Camp Roman as there is evidence of a Roman camp at the top along with a more contemporary antenna(aerial) which this stony track services. The track's used by everyone, cyclists, runners,walkers, cross country runners and picnickers and, of course, the hunters.

The Mairie is constructing an olive grove too. As it's illegal to cut down olive trees this appears to be a place where unneeded ones can be replanted. Camping is not allowed because of the risk of fires but sometimes in Summer I've come across a few tents filled with 16, 17 year olds hidden in the bushes(surrounded by bottles of beer!).

Photo 2.

I divide the walk up into benches; going to the first bench isn't worth the bother of getting out of the car, the second is our normal turning round point. Photo 3 below shows the view looking up from 2nd bench.

Photo 4. shows the renovation of the old Bergerie where the shepherd and his sheep used to live. The building, made from beautiful stone was derelict for many years and is now being renovated by volunteers during the school holidays. The project is open to adolescents who wish to learn building skills and also serves to keep them busy and out of trouble during the long Summer break..

Photo 3

Photo 4. Photo 5 shows how the change in vegetation as we climb higher. This is just after the third bench on the slope facing south-east and the ground has become rockier and covered with plants like rock roses; the pines have been replaced by Mediterranean oaks some of which will keep their leaves through the year. All the plant life is low growing because of the dryness and is called la garrigue. It's attractive now but you should see it in Spring. The whole hillside is covered in white rock roses so it resembles a giant white bridal bouquet and it smells delicious...

We're about halfway up the hill at this point so I'll publish the rest tomorrow...

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This was lovely...really lovely, but...I wish I could walk WITH you rather than the virtual tour.


maybe some day,
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