Monday, October 09, 2006

The Man Who Travels.

When I was 22 years old I went with a group of friends to a fortune teller, as you do at that age.
She told me that:
1. Someone close to me would die in a two. She couldn't tell me what the two would be.
2. I would marry a fair haired man who travels.
3. And I would have 2 children.

For quite a while the first one gave me some grief and I went to ridiculous lengths to avoid anything with a two in it; Februarys were a nightmare. Now I figure that as this is the second millenium we'll probably all die in a 2.

The second prediction was disconcerting as my then current boyfriend was dark haired and definitely didn't travel. Two years later I met the fair haired man and three years later he took a job which involved travelling and he still does which is where the cartoon comes in. A friend spotted it in a newspaper and found it amusing.

And, yes, I did have two children.
Tell you one thing, though, I would never visit a fortune teller again.

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edj said...

I went to a fortune teller once and she told me I'd have one child. I have THREE! So much for that.
Love the cartoon though.