Friday, September 22, 2006

Pension Milou....

Thanks to the internet there exists an ex pat web site called Angloinfo. It's a mine of information and a first port of call for anyone buying, selling, job hunting or simply chatting. Even French people use it! I'm extremely grateful it's there and check it every day......If you live in France go have a look as there are sites for all regions.

Through Angloinfo I've come across a lady, sometimes referred to as the "dog lady" who runs, in her words, "a 5-star Dog Hotel on the Cote d'Azur." I've never actually met her but I know from her blog/website exactly how warm and generous a person she must be.
She writes about her life and the dogs she looks after but the stories that really touch your heart are those of the dogs she adopted from a local refuge....
Follow the link for Pension Milou on the right.


Pam said...

Hi Angela -
Thanks for visiting American Spoken Here!

I'll be going to the South of France later in October and am so eager to first visit to that area!


Linda said...

Those dogs all look so sweet-almost makes me want to get one until I read about the mess they make. You must have a real love of animals to do what she does.