Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Not Another Supermarket...

How many supermarkets do we need access to, nothing sophisticated just the normal, everyday kind?

Obviously a choice is good. At least that helps keep the prices down; More than two seems greedy.

I'm extremely lucky because I can reach 3 supermarkets in under 7 minutes:

Champion 5minutes

Casino 5 minutes, different direction.

Intermarche 7 minutes.

If, say, I'm also looking for printer paper, ink, hoover bags, I need to go further:

Leclerc 15 minutes

Auchan 20 minutes.

Now, if I want to economise I've got

Ed, Netto, Aldi, Lidl and Leader Price all about 15/20 minutes away.

An embarrassment of shops!

However, despite all this choice the supermarket chain, Carrefour, has decided to build us yet another supermarket in Opio. Next door to the existing one.

For heaven's sake how much choice do we need?

In the centre of the photo above is the shopping centre, Font Neuve. It houses a handful of shops: Boulangerie, book shop, photographic, pharmacy, post office, hairdressers and Champion, the supermarket. Behind the centre is an empty field where the new Carrefour will be situated. With on the roof parking. It's hard to see how that'll be landscaped so it's not an eyesore....

More tomorrow...


lost in france said...

Like the old Joni Mitchell song said, "They paved paradise and they put up a parking lot ...".

bcinfrance said...

It is sad to think this nice landscape will be ruined. The French are really the champions of "hypermarkets!" Sometimes my American friends are surprised by this...

Linda said...

It's 30 minutes for me to get to the nearest big store, a Hyper U. In the nearest village to us there is nothing but a gite for hikers and bikers, not even a boulangerie. I hate getting in my car just to get some bread. I could live without it but my husband can't.