Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Lentils Rock.

What is this rumour that it's easy to lose weight in the Summer? I'm now 5 kilos heavier than in June(and I wasn't slim then)This wasn't a real surprise because I've had to leave open the button on my trousers.

I guess people are fooled by the salads but they haven't taken into account the total greed that a Charentais melon can induce. I can put one of these away very quickly indeed and even though it's fruit and oh-so-healthy and is chocabloc with anti oxydants, it's also full of sugar in a pretty package.

So last Monday I started diet No. 560(a) a little number that I invented myself after being disappointed by every other diet: I cut out as much fat as I can, ditto sugar, and I eat lots of fish. I don't feel deprived and, in fact, feel so much better without sugar. This is the truth but doesn't stop me wanting it.
The absolute lynch pin of the regime is LENTILS. These really are my superfoods. If I have a bowl a day I'm about 100% more energetic and upbeat. And you can eat them hot and cold, in soups, stews and as salads. Just a tiny bit of pretension here, I do actually prefer the Puy lentils.
My friends think I'm deranged by the way.

PS The reason I put on weight in Summer is too many long lunches, long barbeques. too much rose wine and not enough exercise!


Pardon My French said...

I really like lentils as well, but don't eat enough of them. What's your favorite way of fixing them? I haven't been able to eat them in a while, but it's about time for that to change!

Alison Ashwell said...

I love lentils too - I liked lentil soup from childhood [though those were the orange ones] but only started to appreciate lentils properly since living in France.

My relatives think its bizarre too