Thursday, July 20, 2006


I couldn't believe my eyes when the driver of the car in front of me at the traffic lights put her hand out of the window and leisurely upended her ashtray into the road leaving cigarette butts and dead matches in a neat pile on the white line.
It made me very angry so I hit the horn. Whereupon she took off....but the light was still red.
I was glad she didn't hit anyone but real sorry the police weren't at the junction.


Kristi said...

That's appalling behavior, isn't it? You could have wished for a minor fender-bender accident with no injuries, though. ;)

annelynn said...

I once followed a person home and yelled at them for doing just that! Of course, I was young and sure of living forever at that time (probably 17 years old), so I had no qualms about doing such a thing. Good for you for at least honking!

angela said...

Hi Kristi and Annelynne,
I really don't want too sound priggish but if we all expressed our outrage at minor incidents like this I'm sure everyone would become more civic minded. I try but usually I'm too afraid some thug will biff me on the nose!